About Us

We’re on a mission to create trusted ecosystems where all people have equal opportunity to achieve their full value.

A Data Fintech Company

YOUnion is data fintech company that transforms Main Street data into insights in real time, creating the world’s largest Trusted Commerce ecosystem.

Trusted Commerce

Trusted Commerce Ecosystems are where trusted people and businesses connect, cooperate, transact, and share their value, generating growth and sustainability for each other and their communities.

Local Digital Wellness Impact

By aligning unique person data and transactional segmentation data we are able to see how Trusted Commerce ecosystems benefit the community. These positive impacts are measured by our proprietary Local Digital Wellness (LDW) Index. LDW provides valuable data and insights that are shared with banks, enterprises, and governments so that more equitable policies and procedures can be created that foster local growth and sustainability.

The Local Digital Wellness Index

The Local Digital Wellness Index (LDWI) is our uniquely configured measurement of the ability for small business to thrive, population to grow and money to flow within the community.

YOUnion Business Certification

The YOUnion Certification process has been created to offer more opportunities for business growth, new business creation and community improvement.

YOUnion Certified Businesses

YOUnion Certified Businesses have LDW scores that offer better access to loans and credit, greater loyalty from customers and can achieve higher valuations when they want to sell their business.

YOUnion Co, Inc. is an EMPR company

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