Try going digital at no risk with YOUnion.

Owners get a full digital platform at no cost. Loyal customers are rewarded. Best of all, your money stays local.

What it costs to make a sale today

Without YOUnion, business owners are getting killed by tech and banking fees.

Here’s what you pay today on a $100 purchase

  • $3.75- Credit card and POS fees
  • $22 – Marketplace fees
  • $2.00 – Search Engine Listing fees
  • $3.00 – Digital Ads
  • $5.00 Fraud, Theft & Returns

You’re lucky to put $65 in your pocket on that $100 purchase.

YOUnion eliminates your fees

You can discount the $100 purchase to $95 and reward your loyal customers.

With no cost of sale, that $95 sale goes right into your pocket and your customers are happy too. That’s an additional $30 that stays in the local economy, benefitting everyone.

Your customers pay less with us

Buyers pay more with existing digital solutions to cover the fees that owners pay and those they charge to the consumer.

Here’s what gets added to the final price

  • Marketplace markup
  • Delivery fee
  • Convenience Fee
  • Owner Mark Up

That’s why you don’t know what your $12 pizza will cost to your customer when they order it online. The more they pay the more it hurts your business.

With YOUnion your repeat customers get rewarded with discounts and they are charged for the convenience of using the digital platform. Nothing is hidden and you know your product or service is being purchased for the right price.