Here are a few of the many subject matters we bring to life while creating a real business to learn from.

82% of businesses close because of cash flow problems

Students can learn the principles of cash flow management by creating their own learning businesses and following sales on their management dashboard.

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Identifying your best customers is the key to success

23% of customers bring in 77% of revenue and spend 14% more per sale in most businesses. You can teach your students how to identify and retain the best customers with our AI platform and local word of mouth.

The principals of Dynamic Pricing

Our AI engine sets the best prices in real time with Dynamic Pricing. It’s how we make sure regular customers remain loyal and spend more over time with a business.

This illustrates how the pricing power that airlines, hotels and rideshare services use can be applied to growing a local small business.

Fraud and Theft Reduction

Loss from fraud and theft has grown 7.3% across US retailers in the last year. Every $1 of fraud now costs $3.36. The fees from chargebacks, and the loss from returns, identity, and credit card fraud, can significantly impact on the bottom line.

Teach your students the value of a trusted digital platform in combatting fraud and theft.

Communicating with your best customers

Keeping in touch with your best customers is a critical component of any successful business. Our platform provides a fast and easy way to promote deals and offers. In less than a minute they can create a deal in the app and broadcast it, teaching your students the value of good customer marketing

The new way to do business

This is local commerce, not ecommerce. We teach business owners how to protect, grow and retain their customers with new digital sales channels.