Here are some of the ways we help your business

Support for Takeout, Pickup and Delivery

Your customers order and pay in the app and select the fulfillment options you offer – takeout, pickup, or delivery. They schedule the best time to get their order.

You get notified and manage the fulfillment in real time, assisted by an online dashboard.

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Identifying your best customers is the key to success

23% of your customers bring in 77% of your revenue and spend 14% more per sale. YOUnion identifies and retains your best customers, helping your business grow with AI and local word of mouth.

Keep in touch with your best customers

Never get caught again without being able to communicate with your customers. Keep them up to date with your best deals and offers. In less than a minute you can create a deal in the app and broadcast it.

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Booking tables and managing your schedule

Your customers can order and pay in advance when they book in the app and you can keep track of your availability. When you have high demand prices surge, in times of low demand you can alert your customers to a special deal.

Did you know 8 out of 10 businesses close because of cash flow problems?

We keep your business moving by eliminating your credit card, POS, processing and banking fees. We take and authorize payments, connect to your bank account and transfer funds quickly. You can follow it all in your management dashboard.

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Contactless Mobile Payments

Your customers want the convenience of mobile – now you can deliver it at no cost to the business.

YOUnion works alongside your POS or can be a standalone payment system.

Your customers safely pay for their order and the convenience in the app, you save time and effort.

Fraud and Theft Reduction

YOUnion provides a safe, secure and trusted ecosystem.

We significantly reduce fraud, returns and chargebacks.

Mobile payments are transferred directly to your bank account, reducing cash theft as a problem.

We put Dynamic Pricing to work for you

YOUnion sets the best prices in real time with Dynamic Pricing. It’s how we make sure your regular customers remain loyal and spend more over time with You.

We give you the same pricing power that airlines, hotels and rideshare services have.

No-shows and quitters dragging you down?

Reduce the need for sales and wait staff when your customers order and pay in app, in store and out.