Business running low on cash? YOUnion is free for owners.

82% of businesses close because of cash flow problems

We manage your credit card fees, POS and processing, banking and accounting – so you don’t have to. YOUnion takes and authorizes your payments, connects to your bank account and transfers your funds quickly. We do it all transparently so you can easily follow it in your management dashboard.

Identifying your best customers is the key to success

23% of your customers bring in 77% of your revenue and spend 14% more per sale. YOUnion identifies and retains your best customers, helping your business grow with AI and local word of mouth.

Sell at no risk

Do you know the best products and services your customers buy?  With YOUnion as your digital sales channels, your customers order and pay before they walk in the store or receive your service. You don’t need a separate POS, YOUnion has a built in Register for cash or card purchases.