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Ice Cream Shop Owner

I got stiffed by the marketplaces

The delivery marketplaces didn’t put me in the right category. Too many of my customers would get melted ice cream delivered to them, which hurts my business. They couldn’t get it right for me, so I got rid of them.

Why YOUnion

It’s free to for me, I can communicate with my customers and now I have a digital sales channel for my local customers. I’m a big believer keeping business local and cooperating with other local businesses to help each other succeed.  

Smoothie Cafe Owner

Lots of bad experiences

Where do I start? The delivery guys wanted 30% and then didn’t even show up for my onboarding session. I have to eat that margin and the listing fees? No way. The search engine wanted $1,700 to put me on the map. I tried it and nothing happened. Even though I don’t list with any marketplace, people walk in my shop with receipts, expect me to service them and I never see a payment.

Why YOUnion

You guys are on my side. What more do I need to say after all the hassles I’ve had. I just want to be treated with respect and value.  I’m looking forward to YOUnion benefitting my business and my customers.

Sub Shop Owner

Our experiences

We smoke our meats for custom made sandwiches.  We’ve been using social media to communicate with our customers, but it’s too hard to keep up with it. Phone calls are killing us because it’s the same answer every time and at lunch, the line goes out the door and are challenged to answer the phone. We refuse to use any marketplaces because they overcharge us and our customers. We don’t like random delivery people coming in out of our shop.

Why YOUnion

It’s an entirely new sales channel that helps us overcome the challenges in with dealing with so many customer requests at the same time. The surge pricing is great. It helps us move some purchases into less busy times and people who want to get their food at rush time pay a premium.

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