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Local Nonprofits

When you raise money with our digital fundraising platform, all your funds stay in the community. That’s our 100% Impact Local pledge.

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Local Business

Connect local customers to your businesses digitally. No transaction fees, increased loyalty, more money to grow with a customizable website and app.

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YOUnion Academy

We’ve created binge worthy courses to teach digital business skills. It’s a small business MBA for real people in 30 minutes.

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Customer loyalty and a great digital experience
brings people together to support your business.
No fee stacking and no tech skills required for a
complete digital business package.

Take the YOUnion Challenge and start
benefitting today!

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Community Impact

Impact your community with local fundraising wherever people shop.

We’ve created new ways for nonprofits to seamlessly collect donations and people to support their communities.

With our 100% Impact Local Pledge, investing local was never this easy!

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Buy local to donate local

No Transaction Fees
for Non-Profits

Web and Mobile Fundraising

Schedule Events
and Sell Tickets

Learn and Earn

Our binge-worthy courses are led by experts to help you get off the ground as a startup, entrepreneur, improve your existing operation or convert a hustle into a serious business

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Make Money while Learning

Small business

Build a Better Business

Works with YOUnion app

for Veterans


Our mission is to create better opportunities
for business to self-identify, work together
in groups and strengthen local communities.


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  • Women Owned

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  • Black Owned

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We protect
buyers and

This is a secure and reliable way to do local only business. We work with more than 10,000 banks and localities on sales tax compliance, fraud prevention, chargeback protection and dispute resolution.

Learn more about our Security and Compliance.

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All 3 packages come with No Transaction Fees!

Try Digital

One-Time Payment

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Includes an app and website that we build for you. Offer order and pay by mobile, 10 products or services minimum.

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Grow Digital

One-Time Payment

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Includes pre-configured tablet. Our customer care team builds your web and mobile store for you, up to 50 products or services.

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Scale Digital

One-Time Payment

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Includes a tablet and printer for order tickets. Our customer care team builds your web and mobile store for you, up to 100 products or services.

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