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The New Plan for Local Business

Your no fee YOUnion membership has benefits:

  1. Reward your loyal customers automatically
  2. Provide in app ordering and payment
  3. One touch scheduling, pickup, takeout, and delivery
  4. Unlimited customer messaging
  5. A free, integrated POS for cash or cards
  6. We ONLY support Local Business

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Try going digital at no risk

  • Owners pay us nothing
  • No credit card or bank fees
  • No hardware to buy
  • 15 minutes to sign up and try it
  • Use it with existing tech or on its own

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The best digital rewards program that takes payments

We automatically identify your best customers and reward them:

  • Discounts when purchasing in the app
  • Priority and app exclusive services
  • Bigger discounts based on loyalty levels

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We would love to hear what you guys need and how we can make YOUnion better.

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